Thursday, July 5, 2018

Trisha Yearwood raves on her Instant Pot & Brad Paisley is a judge on The Gong Show tonight

When Miranda Lambert’s album came out after her divorce from Blake, she decided to avoid the media and told her manager, " I’m not speaking to anyone until they hear this record,” because she thought the songs spoke for themselves. When the record came out, the first question in her first interview was, ‘how do you feel about Gwen?’ Miranda quickly hung up on them.  

Cole Swindell’s album, ‘All of It’ is in stores August 17. His birth name is Colden Rainey Swindell after his grandfather and Cole said he was teased a lot as a child because it sounds like "cold and rainy.”  

Trisha Yearwood’s not a gadget person but she does have an Instant Pot and her favorite things to make are mashed potatoes because they take five minutes and chicken. Instead of an hour, it’s only 10 minutes in the Instant Pot. As for new music in Trisha’s future, she has a couple of projects happening but can’t talk about them yet but says she will in the next few months.  

Brad Paisley is a judge on The Gong Show tonight on ABC. 

 Finally - tomorrow Lady A perform on NBC's Today show.