Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lady Antebellum believe in group therapy & Miranda Lambert performs on Late Night with Seth Myers

Lady Antebellum have been together since 2008 and they say one of their secrets to staying together is group therapy. It helps them balance their personal and professional lives and they can all speak their mind to an unbiased professional. They say it’s a lot like marriage counseling.  

As for Miranda Lambert, she’s found her front porch is cheaper than any therapy she’s ever done. She’ll perform on Late Night with Seth Myers tonight.  

According to a new study, music affects how insects behave and interact with their ecosystem. Music from AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses adversely affected ladybugs ability to attack pests while Willie Nelson will be happy to know his music had no ill effect on ladybugs being the predator they are.  

Finally - Sam Hunt loves to travel and his sights are now set on Greece so he’s trying to figure out a way to squeeze that into his schedule next year. Sam also wants to get back to Central America to a little hut in the jungle he and his wife often stay at.