Monday, July 16, 2018

i have the real story of how kenny chesney got hurt & Blake Shelton fell onstage in Pendleton, Oregon

The news is Kenny Chesney hurt himself onstage during his show in Kansas City Saturday but no one else but me knows what really happened. Turns out during a previous concert, Kenny jumped up and came down hard on his knee and felt instant pain. This weekend his right knee was twice the size of his left and his trainer was working hard to get him ready for Kansas City. I’m guessing whatever they did wore off halfway through because he limped and was in obvious pain the rest of the night. Hopefully he won’t have to have surgery!  

This weekend Blake Shelton fell onstage in Pendleton, Oregon and joked in a tweet it was due to drinking. One fan got mad about that to which Blake replied, “I’m sorry ma’am but this account is meant for people who actually have a sense of humor. We’re not accepting cry baby tweets today. Maybe try again tomorrow!” Speaking of Blake, a new YouTube series called Sugar will debut August 15 and he’s one of the stars that’ll be on the 8-episode show that features artists surprising fans who’ve given back to their community with a pop up performance.

                                                                                         Some may remember country singer Chuck Wicks. He was in the reality series Nashville back in 2007 then got a record deal then lost it. This weekend he went to Jason Aldean’s new restaurant/bar and tweeted he was treated like VIP but when he went to Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row he was not feeling the same love. Maybe he was a VIP at Jason’s place cause he wrote a tune for him and he’s dating Jason’s sister Kasi tho I don’t think she was with him this weekend. No response yet from Dierks camp.
The video for Eric Church’s new single, ‘Desperate Man’ just debuted on Amazon Music.

Finally - tonight Michael Ray performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live.