Thursday, July 26, 2018

Eric Church is lucky to be alive today & Reba gets honored with Cher

We’re just finding out Eric Church is lucky to be alive today. After wrapping his 2017 tour he noticed tingling in his hands but thought it was nerves. Then his left hand was not responding like it should and that arm was also swollen. He Googled the symptoms then immediately drove himself to the hospital at 5 AM where he was diagnosed with a blood clot in his chest. He had emergency surgery to correct a birth defect where the top rib’s too close to the collarbone so that rib was removed. He spent months in physical therapy and rehab and doctors told him he was very lucky. Most people with this notice something at age 21. People 41 like Eric don’t find out until it’s too late, they just fall over dead in the shower. Eric says the good thing is he now plays golf better than ever.  

Besides music, one of Keith Urban’s favorite ways to unwind is driving one of his trucks or cars. Keith says, “I know it sounds mundane but I’ve always loved driving. It’s such a cathartic thing for me. Some people go skiing for that cathartic thing, some run a triathlon and some go fishing. I go driving."  

Finally - I never thought I’d ever mention Reba and Cher in the same breath but they’re two music stars getting a life-time achievement recognition at this year’s Kennedy Center honors. The ceremony is December 2 and we can watch it on CBS December 26.