Friday, June 1, 2018

Maren Morris loves being a boss & Michael Ray’s album, ‘Amos’ is out today

Maren Morris says one of her favorite things about being a boss is taking care of people like her band and crew. She even provides healthcare for them and says, “knowing they can come talk to me directly and not my assistant is great and they also offer creative ideas. We’re also building loyalties which is so cool.”  

Lauren Alaina’s currently opening for Jason Aldean and she says the bad part about playing large venues is she can’t sign autographs after every show due to the curfews and rules the places have. Now she has her people scout the audience while she sings, looking for fans to invite backstage to have a meet and greet with Lauren. As for touring with Jason, she says, “he has so many people at his shows so it’s going to be a really big summer and I'm very proud."  

Finally - Michael Ray’s album, ‘Amos’ is out today; named after his grandpa. Michael grew up playing in a band with him and when he made his Opry debut in 2015, he performed with Amos’s guitar. When he wondered if he should move to Nashville at 17, his grandpa said, “you move and do it for 10 years and if it doesn’t work you’ve got this whole incredible story and the rest of your life to do whatever you need to do.” You can see Michael sing Monday on Good Morning America.