Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Luke Bryan’s on Live with Kelly & Ryan & Wynonna's daughter's in prison

I found out the secret to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s 12 year marriage; no texting. They call each other and have done that from the very beginning. It started because Nic didn't know how to text and it’s worked so even now they still don’t text. If one of them is of town they FaceTime each other. Keith’s on his Graffiti U World Tour now and I hear he has 22 buses and trailers, a crew of 93 and nearly 40 guitars. His 23-song set goes for more than two hours.  

Miranda Lambert urges her fans to be responsible pet owners. She says make sure you get them spayed and neutered. Treat them like family and be kind. Miranda currently has 8 dogs and they all take walks together on her farm and play in the pond plus several sleep in bed with her.

Wynonna Judd‘s 22-year old daughter Grace has been sentenced to eight years in prison but she’s eligible for parole next year. Grace left a court-mandated drug recovery program and therefore violated her probation. She’s been in and out of prison in Tennessee and Alabama for drug-related charges over the past two years.  

Finally - Luke Bryan’s on Live with Kelly & Ryan today.