Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dierks Bentley has an airplane in his backyard & Blake builds a home for Gwen

At Dierks Bentley’s show the last few years he’s had part of an airplane onstage. It’s the nose of the plane with the cockpit and a couple seats. It’ll now be in his backyard for his kids to play on once he sands all the sharp edges off.  

As for hurting himself in concert, Garth said he does all the time. This last tour he had a treadmill thing on stage where several people could fit on it at once but he fell off several times so he’s retired that. If you pre-order Garth’s upcoming album right now it’s only $10 but just for a limited time.  

I just found out Blake Shelton’s lakefront home in Tishomingo, OK was custom built for Gwen Stefani. It was made to look like a mini Hawaii with tiki huts, a pool and palm trees planted all over the grounds.  

Finally - after her divorce from Blake, Miranda Lambert says writing songs helped her deal with the hurt. Miranda adds, “I’m honest about being flawed. I get divorced. I get my heart broken and I break hearts too.” Miranda says social media has so many lies and if you wanna know the truth, listen close to her music.