Thursday, June 21, 2018

Brett Eldredge gets lost in the Swiss Alps & Tim McGraw did the Pepper Pyramid Challenge

Brett Eldredge recently went to Europe by himself and the trip included a bike ride through the Swiss Alps but he got lost cause he wasn’t physically prepared for such a steep ride. Brett rested at a small church he found and with the mountains and lake behind it, he said it was the most peaceful moment he’s had in a very long time.  

Tim McGraw and his band did the Pepper Pyramid Challenge yesterday. They each had a tiny taste of 10 hot pepper sauces starting with the one that had the least heat, the banana pepper with a scoville rating of 300. #10 was the Carolina Reaper with an over 2 million scoville rating. They all finished the challenge but at the end you could tell they were all sweating and hurting!  

Brad Paisley’s on the rotating panel of judges when The Gong Show debuts tonight on ABC. Actor Mike Myers will host the show. Not sure when Brad will be on tho.

Finally - Thomas Rhett’s been quote, “writing his face off" recently and right now he’s trying to figure out what songs he’ll record and when he’ll even find the time. Not only is he a busy dad of two, this summer Thomas is headlining his own shows and he’s also an opener for Kenny Chesney.