Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Blake Shelton got an interesting birthday gift from his girlfriend & Big & Rich are working on a TV series

Blake Shelton got an interesting birthday gift yesterday from his girlfriend Gwen Stefani; a 40 foot tall flagpole. He also had more than a few celebrations with family and friends that included a giant cake that looked like a bottle of his Smithworks vodka brand. Blake showed the creation off then took a big bite where the cap would twist off.  

I hear Big & Rich are working on a new reality TV series produced by actor Mark Wahlberg. I think it’ll be called ‘Living Big & Rich?’ right now John, he, Big Kenny and Cowboy Troy are shooting the pilot and it should air sometime this fall.  

Jason Aldean’s favorite home cooked meal is from his mom because his wife’s not really into cooking. When Jason goes home to visit his parents, his mom always makes him fried chicken, mashed potatoes and butter beans.  

Finally - Luke Bryan says his career grew wings after the release of his first multi-platinum hit, ‘Country Girl (Shake It for Me).’ He still can’t believe where he is today and says, “it's fun being on this side where you can just sit back and be more comfortable in your skin with success. You can actually enjoy it and take it all in and you don't feel like you're chasing your tail as much."