Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Miranda Lambert's cheeto controversy & FGL's Tribe Kelley Denim is here

Miranda Lambert has sparked some backlash by a photo she posted earlier this week of one of her dogs noses buried in a bag of Cheetos. One fan wrote, “dogs can suffocate in chip bags, we lost our chihuahua to that. This is more common then you know with all size dogs." Another said a neighbor’s dog suffocated in a chip bag trying to lick the inside.   

Brian from Florida Georgia Line and his wife Brittney have launched the Tribe Kelley Denim line at their store in Nashville. You can also buy it at The jeans are $200 and their denim jacket’s $250. Tribe Kelley’s teepee logo was inspired by Brittney who’s part Native American and they also have a 23-foot teepee that was a wedding gift from Tyler.  

Chris Young's 5-month-old German Shephard puppy Porter is getting ready to go on tour this summer and his Instagram account started as a joke now has almost 48,000 followers. Chris still hasn’t decided if he will be trained to be a guard dog and when fans ask if they can pet him Chris’s only warning is Porter might just lick you to death.  

Finally - Little Big Town will host the 2018 CMT Awards June 6. Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood tied for the most nods with four each. This is a fan voted show so you can pick your winners from now until June 4 at