Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Miranda Lambert has clothes at Boot Barn this fall & Sam Hunt seen at Smoothie King and Frothy Monkey

Miranda Lambert will have a brand new women’s clothing line at Boot Barn this fall that also includes shoes and accessories. It’s called, Idyllwind and Miranda says it has a vintage vibe with a fashion edge.  

Tyler from Florida Georgia Line’s new daughter Liv has gotten them on her schedule now; they go to bed early and are both up by 7 AM. They eventually want 3 kids and may even adopt as it’s been such a great experience for their friend Thomas Rhett. As for his bandmate Brian having kids, Tyler says they’re sticking with their four dogs for now. The other night Tyler and his wife had a babysitter over but they didn’t even leave the house. He says they do something like that weekly so they can recharge.  

If you wanna see Sam Hunt next time you’re in Nashville, his normal run includes Smoothie King and Frothy Monkey for coffee.  

Finally - Luke Bryan’s 10th year of Farm Tours kicks off Sept. 27 in Irwin, OH; population, 623. The tour will hit five other small town farms and Luke will again be giving away college scholarships to students from farming families. Tickets for all 6 shows go on sale on June 6.