Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Keith Urban has over 100 guitars & Sugarland’s on Live with Kelly & Ryan today

Keith Urban has over 100 guitars in his collection and many he buys on eBay. When that big flood hit Nashville a few years ago he lost several of them but he’s already added 50 in just two years. as for he and his wife’s fame Keith also says his daughters don’t care, it’s more about the food they get visiting each parent at work. Whether it’s at a show or on a movie set, Keith says it's a battle as to who has the better catered food.  

Miranda Lambert started writing at 17 about the hard times her parents went thru being homeless when she was six. Soon after that her family found an old house in Lindale, TX about to be torn down so the owner let them live there if they fixed it up. As for her career, Miranda says, “all I ever wanted to do was make records and play shows until the day I physically can’t anymore.”  

Little Big Town's Jimi Westbrook is a huge fan of Midland and says, “I love the music they're making. It's really fun. I don't know that I've seen anything like it." All three guys live on acreages in Dripping Springs, TX. Lead singer Mark Wystrach is used to that as he grew up on a cattle ranch in Arizona. Jess Carson grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Oregon.  

Finally - Sugarland’s on Live with Kelly & Ryan today.