Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dierks Bentley's tour toys include an inflatable boat & wanna play george strait in an upcoming musical

Because Dierks Bentley is touring most of the summer, he hauls several toys including mountain bikes, fishing poles, bowling balls, a hockey bag and an inflatable boat. He likes to be outdoors as much as possible and when he’s home you’ll find Dierks at the lake in his boat.

A Broadway-style musical is in the works based on the life of singer/songwriter Dean Dillon. Because Dean wrote 6o tunes for George Strait, producers are looking for someone to play George in the musical. You can submit a video to singing one of the 60 George songs written by Dean.

34-year old newlywed Sam Hunt wants kids and says he has baby fever a little more than his wife right now but she’s coming around. He’d actually like several children in his future.

Luke Combs says the oddest place he’s ever heard one of his songs on the radio was in a gas station bathroom.

Finally - Lauren Alaina’s been singing in church since she was 3 and she won her first singing competition at only 8. Lauren was on Idol when she was 17 but lost to Scotty McCreery.