Friday, May 11, 2018

Carrie Underwood will return to American Idol Sunday & Miranda Lambert's collection is out of control

Carrie Underwood will return to American Idol as the guest mentor Sunday night as the five contestants will perform her tunes. Carrie will also sing, ‘Cry Pretty.’ Word has it Carrie and Mike may be relocating as a source told PEOPLE magazine, “they are completely done with the neighborhood and that decision came after her fall. Security issues also contributed to them moving as neighbors have been letting people in the community just so they can see Carrie’s home.”  

We talked this week about Keith Urban's 100 plus guitar collection and now I hear Miranda Lambert has her own growing collection but it has nothing to do with music. It sets of salt-and-pepper shakers and she now has over 50 and says it's getting out of control.  

Tyler from Florida Georgia Line says his baby Olivia Rose is like waking up to a little miracle every day. She’s always happy and smiling and she puts everything in perspective for him and that includes sleep and food. Tyler says Olivia can literally melt your heart with a smile.  

Finally - Jake Owen says his career has always been about taking risks and he’s glad that it’s paying off. Jake says, “I’m a guy who sings songs on the road and likes to make people happy.”