Monday, May 28, 2018

Carrie Underwood is not expecting twins & Willie Nelson abruptly left the stage Saturday night

Carrie Underwood is not expecting twins. Supermarket tabloid Life & Style stirred up that rumor with their latest issue but they have no proof. One supposed source said Carrie’s been craving chocolate and shopping for baby clothes. They also say Carrie and Mike are leaving Nashville to raise their growing family but that is simply not true.  

Saturday night Willie Nelson abruptly left the stage without performing his headlining set at the Outlaw Music Festival in Charlotte, N.C. He walked on stage, put his guitar on then seconds later took it off and looked mad as he threw his hat into the audience before leaving. You could tell his band had no clue what was going on. Concertgoers waited for an hour before they were told he wouldn’t be coming back. Willie’s set was supposed to start at 9:40 PM but by 10:25, he still hadn’t started and at 11:10 it was cancelled they said because Willie had a stomach bug. Someone in the crowd who was engaged to a guy in one of the other bands got a text 20 minutes before the show that Willie was out of breath back stage and he probably wasn’t gonna play. The venue has a strict 11 PM curfew and even Luke Bryan got a fine for breaking it so Willie will likely get a fine too.  

Finally - after a year of touring, eating unhealthy and not sleeping well Mark from Midland was exhausted. His dad, a retired lieutenant colonel aviator that did two tours in Vietnam said, “it’s just like being deployed only instead of people shooting at you, you get to play music.'"