Monday, April 2, 2018

maren morris swims with sting rays & Dierks Bentley and his son got to practice with the Nashville Predators

Newlyweds Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd are somewhere tropical on their honeymoon in one of those private grass roof huts at the end of a long dock in the ocean. So far they’re been swimming with sharks and sting rays and eating eggs benedict. Not sure where they are but over the water bungalows are often found in French Polynesia.  

Carrie Underwood put her son Isaiah to bed last night and an hour and a half later she tweeted, “why is he still rolling around in his bed singing songs about hot dogs (at least that’s what I think he’s singing about...can’t really tell)?”  

Dierks Bentley and his four-year-old son Knox hit the ice for a practice session with the Nashville Predators this weekend. He said getting to skate with the team is like being at hockey fantasy camp. Dierks says all three of his kids had skates on as soon as they could walk.  

Finally - Midland’s lead singer Mark lives in Austin and when he gets a day off he goes to the Cut and Putt, a 9-hole golf club owned by Willie Nelson. It’s right next to Willie’s recording studio and condo.