Thursday, April 5, 2018

Jason Aldean wants another baby & carrie underwood reveals more of her face

Jason Aldean is ready for a 2nd baby with his wife Brittany and says they've got one in diapers and on formula so they might as well quote "knock it out."  

Carrie Underwood’s back in the studio after falling last year and getting over 40 stitches on her face. She keeps telling us she doesn’t quite look the same anymore but yesterday she posted a black and white photo of the left side of her face and she looked great! Carrie’s hinting at a possible performance during the Stanley Cup Playoffs as the Preds have become the first team named. Carrie’s also scheduled to perform at CMA Fest in Nashville in June.  

Roseanne Barr is knocking KFC’s choice as Reba for Colonel Sanders and tweeted, “Reba’s not as good a colonel as I would be & I don’t believe Reba even eats fried chicken!”  

Finally - Jake Owen’s mom Mitzi helped him move to Nashville years ago and on their first night in town they ran into a homeless man who said, ‘Who are you?’ when he replied, ‘Jake Owen,’ the guy said, “you’re somebody’ to which Jake replied, “no sir. I’m just getting here.’ Then the homeless guy said, “well, you’re gonna be somebody.’ Jake said he and his mom both got chill bumps.