Thursday, April 19, 2018

Carrie Underwood will have a new album out September 14 & Jason Aldean's addicted to oysters

Carrie Underwood just announced her album, ‘Cry Pretty’ will be out September 14. Carrie says she’s so proud of this record and it contains songs that are emotional, soulful, real and raw. Carrie was also the album’s co-producer for the first time in her career.  

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Keith Urban is worth $75 million, with an estimated annual salary of approximately $5 million. On his upcoming album, ‘Graffiti U’ out April 27, Keith did something new and had several producers saying, "sports people talk about working with different coaches and how each one will bring something different out of an athlete and I feel that way in the studio with different co-producers. I like exploring where my music and my artistry can go.”  

When Jason Aldean goes to his beach home in Florida, he says he pretty much eats oysters and sushi every day.   

Finally - Jake Owen says his 5-year-old daughter Pearl is growing so fast and she’ll start kindergarten this fall in Florida where her mom lives. Jake also says Pearl’s taking Spanish right now and she’s also learning how to read.