Tuesday, March 20, 2018

tim mcgraw has a creative way of hydrating & thomas rhett teaches his toddler how to ski

A week after fainting on-stage from dehydration, Tim McGraw tweeted a photo of him spear fishing off his private island in the Bahamas and the caption read, ‘Hydrating!’ Tim often spear fishes doing free dives to over 30 feet.  

Thomas Rhett, his wife and a few friends recently went on a skiing trip to Telluride, Colorado and they started teaching their 2-year old daughter Willa how to ski. She went down a small incline on skis with no poles and she looked fearless and actually quite steady.  

As for Brantley Gilbert’s tour bus fire last week, his driver and co-driver were on it but neither were hurt. Brantley said, “everything is scorched and what didn't burn had an inch of diesel smoke wrapped around it. It's a bad deal. We're still trying to figure out how it happened.”  

Chris Stapleton is so obsessed with all things musical he’s always searching on Ebay & Craigslist for gear and antique vintage guitars. Chris also goes to every guitar shop or pawn shop he finds.  

Finally - Blake Shelton’s on Late Night With Seth Meyers tonight.