Monday, March 26, 2018

Maren Morris married Ryan Hurd Saturday night & a fish jumps into brett eldredge's boat

Maren Morris married Ryan Hurd Saturday night in Nashville. The barley 5 foot country star wore 6" heels so it was easier to kiss her more than a foot taller groom. Her custom dress made by a Nashville designer was white and very short with a long train that spilled onto the ground. The lace came from Spain and the crystal straps from India took over a month to make. The reception was held at Analog in Nashville's Hutton Hotel where they had a photo booth and guests were also given temporary tattoos. Their getaway car was a vintage 1959 Jaguar.

Brett Eldredge spent his birthday weekend doing some deep sea fishing when all of a sudden a sail fish jumped in their boat. Brett said, “she danced for us and then we set the beaut free, back in the deep blue sea.”

Jason Aldean’s having trouble with people pretending they’re him on social media and they’re reaching out to fans for money; even his sister-in-law had it happen. Jason says look for the blue checkmark by his name that verifies it’s him. He says he would never ask fans for money!

Finally - Kenny Chesney celebrates his 50th birthday today.