Thursday, March 22, 2018

Blake Shelton’s Old Red Nashville will open in May & High Valley didn’t have a TV growing up

Blake Shelton’s Ole Red Nashville will be open the first week of May. It’s on Lower Broadway in an old bank building that’s almost 100 years old. Blake’s roof top bar will be taller than any of the other country stars places so it’ll look down on all of them. The huge stage can fit an 8-piece band and the top floor will have a sushi bar. Blake’s 3rd location will be in Gatlinburg, TN and hopefully open by February.  

Luke Bryan's 32 Bridge line has new items at including t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. They’re actually pretty well priced but reviewers say they run a lot smaller than normal and when washed they shrink a full size.  

Curtis and Brad from High Valley didn’t have a TV growing up as they lived on a farm in a Mennonite community in Alberta, Canada. Their parents even grew up with no electricity using a horse and buggy. Their farm’s so remote the guys say it was a five-hour drive just to get to the nearest McDonald’s.  

Finally – newcomer Devin Dawson performs on The Ellen show today.