Monday, February 12, 2018

Jake Owen hits lady with his golf ball & Jason Aldean reveals a few things his 2-month old son

Jake Owen played in this weekend’s Pebble Beach Pro Am. At one point his ball went into the crowd and hit a girl. He walked over and said, “that was my fault, I'm Jake and I'm not a good golfer.” He actually is really good tho. Jake also stopped on his way to the 16th tee to sing when someone handed him a guitar. Some fans even got a free Jake Owen bobblehead to take home.  

Lady A’s Charles Kelley also played in the Pro Am but the evenings were for watching the Olympics. Charles tweeted, “when people say golf isn’t a sport I want to show them curling. Not gonna lie though, it’s very addicting to watch.”  

Carrie Underwood says growing up her favorite Olympic sport was figure skating. She says, “I remember dancing around our living room pretending I was an ice skater, even though I’d never been on ice before. I’m still in awe how high everyone jumps and twists and spins.”  

Jason Aldean reveals his 2-month old son Memphis loves warm baths, lights and eating. He does not like having his diaper changed, getting burped or being put in his car seat.  

Finally - Kane Brown performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight.