Friday, February 9, 2018

Blake Shelton had a free pop up show last night & Dierks Bentley helped design at clothing line

Blake Shelton had a free pop up show in Fort Smith, Arkansas last night at The Sound Room. It was first come first served for 775 fans and the rest had to listen from sidewalks outside. has learned The Voice executives are “freaking out” over the possibility of losing Blake and Adam Levine. They supposedly want out, so they were offered a $5 million bonus to stay until 2020 but they haven’t accepted the offer and are still weighing their options.  

Dierks Bentley helped design a clothing line with the people at Flag & Anthem. It includes jeans that already look broken in, several flannel items and t-shorts with a vintage vibe. The fabric had to feel worn already as all of the shirts Dierks owns are broken in and beat up. He says, “I like clothing that has a story to tell.”  

Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany had her son Memphis not long ago and Skinny tea was her go-to for energy since it has little caffeine. Now Brittany’s drinking Skinny tea to help curb food cravings and speed the process of getting her pre-baby body back.  

Finally – Garth’s the first inductee to the new Live Hall of Fame; created to honor artists who have made a huge impact on the live business. In his 3-year tour Garth sold 6.3 million tickets.