Wednesday, December 7, 2016

After finding out she was a Grammy nominee for all-genre Best New Artist, Kelsea Ballerini tweeted, “if anyone needs me I’ll be ugly crying all day.” She thought it was pretty cool that one of the first congratulation texts she got was from fellow Best New Artist nominee Maren Morris

Granger Smith is out of the hospital after falling off stage and getting two broken ribs and a punctured collapsed lung. He’s back in Texas and starting to be able to move again and says, “it's deeply humbling to have fans that care so much and I am feeling very blessed." 

As for how he finds the energy to often do two shows a night, Garth says, “you pace yourself and it’s actually harder to watch a concert then do one. When Trisha and I saw Justin Timberlake, we were on our feet for 2 ½ hours dancing and we were both worn out when we got home,” 

Jason Aldean’s parents divorced when he was three so his mom raised him alone. They didn’t have much and Jason says he didn’t get into music to make a ton of money, he just wanted a job he’d enjoy every day. He says he’s still the same guy he was before all the fame. 

Finally - today Miranda Lambert will perform ‘Vice’ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.