Monday, October 24, 2016

The Voice has Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on as key advisers for tonight’s knockout rounds. They’ll help prepare artists for the four team judges. 

When he’s off the road, Thomas Rhett still does his laundry as Lauren won’t let him do hers because she likes her clothes folded a certain way and he could care less about that. Thomas says it’s pretty easy to tell what side of the closet is his. 

Carrie Underwood baby-proofed her bus for her son Isaiah by putting locking mechanisms on every door and says, “it’s a pain to unlock them but I couldn’t have him going down the trash chute!" 

Justin Moore thinks slow success has been a blessing because early on, fame was hard for him to handle. He started drinking and wasn’t himself and said, “nobody can prepare you for fame, you just gotta learn it on your own.” 

Finally - Kelsea Ballerini’s grandpa died a few days ago and his wife died the next day. Kelsea tweeted, “married 62 years and they only lived 39 hours apart.”