Monday, October 3, 2016

Carrie Underwood’s gained the attention of British newspaper The Daily Mail. They saw a photo of her recent performance at South Carolina University and noticed the inside of her right knee has an image that looks like Prince George, the son of the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William. 

This morning tickets go on sale for a Sam & Audrey concert at the Ryman tomorrow night. Tho not officially confirmed, I’m pretty sure it’s Samuel Timothy McGraw and Audrey Faith Perry and their websites both reveal they’re free Tuesday night. 

Jake Owen ‏tweeted, “do yourself a favor and preorder Zac Brown’s new side project album, 'Sir Rosevelt.' I'm telling you, it's gonna change the game.” 

As for that album, Zac calls it southern pop and fans aren’t losing Zac Brown Band, they’re gaining Sir Rosevelt. Zac says, “people that hate it are people who don’t ever create anything themselves, but that’s okay, they can review other people’s art when they don’t do anything besides still living in the basement at 40 waiting on mom to finish dinner.” 

Finally – today Dolly Parton’s on The Talk then tonight she performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live.