Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Jake Owen’s sixth tune, ‘American Country Love Song’ has gone #1 and to celebrate Jake left the Miami airport yesterday for Costa Rica. He loves to surf but Costa Rica’s having a problem right now with crocodiles attacking surfers because tourists are illegally feeding them. 

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s middle child, Maggie went to college yesterday; getting a ride from her mom. They sang a Taylor Swift song & Maggie looking surprised her mom knew every word. She’s interested in marine biology but no one will say where she’s going to school. 

Hard to believe but Luke Bryan sometimes hyperventilates before a show from nerves and he even still has panic attacks from time to time. 

As for being on stage, Jason Aldean’s an adrenaline junkie who loves hearing the crowd and seeing them have fun. He also likes the quiet after a show so he can relax and take it all in. 

Finally - Keith Urban was raised in Australia where his parents ran a convenience store. When Keith was 10 they moved to a farm and his jobs included cleaning the pigsties and chicken coops.