Monday, September 5, 2016

Justin Moore’s from Poyen, Arkansas, population 300 and you’d think he always wanted to leave but he said he could have stayed and had mama’s cooking till he was 30. His parents knew he wanted to sing country music so they drove him to Nashville when he was 18. Justin says back then he was quote, “green as a blade of grass.” 

Cole Swindell says Tim McGraw was a huge reason he wanted to be a country star and he hopes his career can come even close to equaling Tim’s. 

Trisha Yearwood reveals not only is Garth known for making a great breakfast, he also makes an incredible cheese tortellini salad. 

Here’s a few things about Kenny Chesney you may not know; his middle name is Arnold and he hates that and Kenny is a clean freak. 

Finally - Trisha Yearwood’s beautiful skin is genetic, passed down from her mom. She also says she’s such a bad swimmer that years ago she almost didn’t pass a swimming test in school.