Wednesday, September 21, 2016

16 years after his hit country single, ‘One Voice,’ was out, Billy Gilman auditioned last night on The Voice. Blake Shelton and the other 3 judges hit the button to turn their chairs as he sang and even tho Blake remembered him and always wondered what happened to Billy, he chose to be on Adam Levine’s team.

Yesterday a fan of Brett Eldredge called him a weirdo she loved on social media,he wrote, “of course I’m a is boring if ya don't act weird!”

Zac Brown has a new side project, Sir Rosevelt and his lead single’s called, ‘Sunday Finest.’ I hear one member of Zac’s new group is Pharrell Williams.

Brad Paisley’s exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum will run Nov. 18 through May 14. It’ll include stage clothing, childhood mementos, some of his drawings and more.

Luke Bryan’s addicted to coffee and when he goes to Starbucks, it’s always the same order; blonde roast with hazelnut creamer.

Finally – Faith Hill turns 49 today and tonight Jake Owen performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live.