Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jake Owen will perform his new single, ‘If He Ain't Gonna Love You’ on The Talk today. It was co-written by Chris Stapleton who also sang background vocals on it.  

Brett Eldredge has been in Europe the last few weeks and yesterday tweeted a photo sitting on 2,000 year old steps somewhere in Greece. He wrote, “soaking in this magical trip...inspired and ready to come HOME.”  

Cole Swindell is dating someone but he won’t say who. All he’ll reveal is “she’s awesome.”  

I had no idea Jason Aldean wears a rubber wedding ring that was designed to come apart if he ever caught it on anything. Jason says he can play sports better now and it doesn’t scratch his guitar. For fun he has multiple colors of the rubber ring and he still has a metal one he wears on special occasions.  

Finally - the first 90 seconds of the video for ‘Forever Country’ will premiere tonight on Dancing with the Stars then right after that you can see the whole thing at ForeverCountry50.com.