Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Blake Shelton entertained Gwen Stefani and her band at his Oklahoma ranch this week on a day off from her tour. They did laundry, toured his acreage and Blake even made something for them that he got on YouTube from Rockin’ Robin; her white cheese dip

As for what fairs he’s been at this summer, Jake Owen said, “if corn dogs and elephant ears were served there, I guarantee I played it.” 

When that terrible flood hit Nashville 6-years ago, Keith Urban almost lost his vintage Fender guitar Clarence. Keith bought it when he was basically broke and even tho it was $6,000 more than he had, he somehow found the money. 

Trisha Yearwood says one thing her mom taught her when making deviled eggs is the night before flip the carton upside down then the yolks will be in the center. 

Finally - Blake Shelton’s fall tour will include RaeLynn. They met on The Voice and he calls her his little baby sister.