Tuesday, July 26, 2016

At Florida Georgia Line’s show Saturday in WI, a sheriff on his way to talk to the guys about security stuff was told no uniformed officers were allowed backstage, per the band. Then in the middle of the concert, the sheriff heard the guys wanted an out-of-town escort after the show but he said he wouldn’t spend “one tax dollar assisting them” so they left on their own and tweeted, "we have nothing but love and respect for the police. We’re bummed anyone got a different impression." 

Jon Pardi grew up in California, but his current hit, ‘Head Over Boots’ was born in Texas. He was visiting his dad near San Antonio when he went to a club and was inspired to write a song that would make people wanna dance. Jon woke up the next morning and over coffee wrote, ‘Head Over Boots.’ 

Reports have surfaced that after Carrie Underwood’s done touring late this year, she wants to try for another baby. Sources say she always wanted a big family and for them to be close in age. Another source claims in 2017 Carrie wants to focus on family and not music.

Finally - years ago, Blake Shelton knew the mullet he used to have looked really bad, but he says he kept it just to annoy people.