Friday, July 22, 2016

Blake Shelton’s been selected for jury duty in Richmond, KY for a criminal trial starting next month. Blake owns property there and based on Kentucky law, just like everyone else, he can be asked for jury duty. His publicist says he’s happy to fulfill his civic duty. The trial could last as long as 3-weeks. 

The Country Music Hall of Fame opens ‘Homegrown: Zac Brown Band’ today thru next July. Among the artifacts are a giant dragon's head & a glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume; both stage items plus there’s Zac’s trademark beanie and a real stuffed coyote they’ve taken on tour before. 

Keith Urban’s reading a book called, ‘Elvis and Nashville’ and it’s written like a diary and documents the connection between Elvis and Music City. When he played the Opry in 1954, the Opry manager told him not to quit his day job so Elvis never played the Opry again. 

Finally – Luke Bryan says his first kiss happened in the summer of 1988 while he and his date were at the movie theater watching ‘Big’ with Tom Hanks.