Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Miranda Lambert’s new single, ‘Vice’ was out yesterday. It talked about being addicted to goodbyes and finding herself in a place where the numb meets the lonely. Miranda said, “I hope everybody can feel like they’re not on an island. We all have things in our life that aren’t necessarily pleasant and it can’t be sunshine and roses every day.” 

For Luke Bryan’s 40th birthday Sunday, his wife had a cake delivered to him on stage. She always does a funny one and this had his head on a buff dancer’s body bursting out of a cake decorated in flames. It was a Guinness chocolate cake with Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting.  

Zac Brown says the most important thing he’s done with his life so far has nothing to do with music, it was building Camp Southern Ground for children with various challenges.  

Kenny Chesney’s pet peeve is fans who grab his hand so hard they leave the impression of their fingernails. 

Finally - when she’s not on tour with Garth or filming her cooking show, Trisha Yearwood’s a homebody that likes to hang out with family, read, drink coffee and hike with her dog Emmy.