Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sam Hunt Working on Sophomore Album + Jake Owen Makes Fans Dizzy

Sam Hunt has slowly started to work on his sophomore album but it’s been tough with his busy schedule. Sam says this fall he’ll go full-speed on it and has blocked out time to disconnect and focus on new music. 

The video for Jake Owen’s ‘American Country Love Song’ is out. It was shot on the beach in a 360-degree virtual reality format but if you get dizzy easily, you may have trouble watching it. 

Cole Swindell says his friendship with Florida Georgia Line goes way deeper than just a creative bond. Cole says they’re great people and really fun to be around. 

If Kenny Chesney could sit down with one person, living or dead, he chose author Ernest Hemingway and said, “I’d pick his brain on topics like creativity, love, loss, and life.” 

Finally – Kelsea Ballerini says a beauty trend she’s always wanted to try is to dye her hair a bright color so she recently dyed the ends purple but it only lasted for a day.