Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cole Swindell Has a Black Eye + Zac Brown's Fartherly Advice

Dierks Bentley had a concert on the beach Monday and Cole Swindell opened, sporting a black eye. He said he did it when he fell and hit a coffee table. 

Blake Shelton’s ‘If I’m Honest,’ is the #1 album this week. He says, “15 years in this business, who would've thought that now is the biggest week of my career?” I’m also hearing the rumor he asked Gwen to marry him is not true. 

Maren Morris met Miranda Lambert over 10 years ago when they both played festivals in Texas. When ‘My Church’ became a hit, they reconnected. Maren says Miranda’s first tour was with Keith Urban and Maren goes on her first tour tomorrow, opening for Keith. Brett Eldredge does too and says, “he brings a relaxed atmosphere and inspires you to wanna be the person he is. Keith’s very caring about the people around him and he wants to help everybody.” 

Finally - as for his children, Zac Brown says he works hard on making sure they know life’s not about privilege but about being good to others and working hard.