Monday, June 20, 2016

Blake Shelton Celebrates 40 With a Kiss + Brad Paisley Helps Couple Get Hitched

Blake Shelton turned 40 this weekend and Friday he and girlfriend Gwen Stefani were seen on a double-date with her brother and his wife in West Hollywood. Saturday in Colorado, Gwen joined Blake onstage at Country Jam for a surprise performance and a kiss. 

Two weeks ago, Brad Paisley fan Jason Smith brought his girlfriend to a show along with an engagement ring but he never got close enough to the stage to get Brad’s attention to make the event public. Brad found out about it, gave the guy tickets to his Saturday show in Nevada, then called them on stage so Jason could propose in front of everyone. 

NASCAR driver Mike Wallace and his daughter were at a Rascal Flatts concert Friday in Charlotte, N.C. and on their way to the parking lot, three guys knocked him to the ground. He was unconscious as they kicked him in the face and his daughter in the ribs. The pair was taken to the hospital and will be OK and all three men were found and arrested. 

Finally - Carrie Underwood’s mom was a teacher and she was also her teacher in the 4th grade. Carrie says it was weird and confusing and she’d call her, ‘Mrs. Underwood mom?’