Thursday, May 19, 2016

Miranda Lambert Has Typo Checkers + Blake Shelton on Who Saved His Life

Sam Hunt is opening for Kenny Chesney right now and says years ago Kenny was the one who inspired him to pick up a guitar and that ultimately led to Sam’s move to Nashville. At the show every night, Kenny says he sees at least 10 ‘I love Sam’ signs. 

The Country Music Hall of Fame has a new exhibit opening July 22; ‘Homegrown: Zac Brown Band.’ It’ll include stage clothes, guitars, song manuscripts and more. 

Before Miranda Lambert posts on social media she has several people read to check for typos. She adds, “I don’t need to know what everybody’s doing all the time – especially with my heroes. I want to admire them from afar.” 

As for Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton says, “she saved my life last year and I think she'd tell you the same about me. Our relationship just happened and it saved my life. Period." 

Finally – Chris Janson’s a Mountain Dew addict who often drinks 12 a day and in a recent blind taste test of 3-lemon lime sodas, he had no trouble picking out his beloved Mountain Dew.