Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Little Big Town Are in the Studio + Dierks Bentley Takes Down Christmas Lights

Little Big Town are working on a new record. We already know Justin Timberlake’s been writing with them and now we hear they were just in L.A. with Bruno Mars. All they’ll say is, “we’re super inspired right now and living the dream and enjoying every minute of it.”  

Carrie Underwood stays fit on the road by walking on a treadmill when she’s on the phone. Carrie also does planks, lunges and crunches and even if she stays in a fancy hotel, she always brings her own instant oatmeal and avocados. Carrie also has these bike pedals so she can work-out on her moving bus.  

Yesterday Dierks Bentley ‏finally took down the last of his Christmas lights and tweeted, “it’s been that kind of year.”  

Miranda Lambert reveals she’s been ‘writing a ton’ and is ready to get back in the studio after going through lots of emotions the last several months.  

Finally - Eric Church is always looking for rare vinyl records to put on his wall. He sees them as art and he often doesn’t even take them out of the package.