Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cole Swindell on the One That Got Away + Kenny Chesney Rides His Cares Away

Cole Swindell has written songs for Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan. He actually wrote more than one of Luke’s hits including ‘Beer in the Headlights’ but that one Cole regrets giving away saying, “it was my baby.” 

Randy Houser remembers his first day in Nashville; he moved from Texas into a little duplex with a friend in the bad part of town but he wasn’t really scared because he says where he comes from everyone packs heat. Randy said it was hard to sleep tho because all he had was an air mattress and he somehow used his car engine to blow it up. 

Kenny Chesney says what helps him take his mind off everything is riding his bicycle. 

As for social media, Trisha Yearwood thinks most posts seem angry and says, “we base so many things on fear. If we don’t understand it, we’re scared and we slam it. To me the answer lies somewhere in the middle.” 

Finally - Reba will be on The Talk today on CBS.