Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Blake Shelton Can Proceed With Lawsuit + Luke Bryan's Meet & Grreet Rule

A Los Angeles judge will let Blake Shelton proceed with his lawsuit against In Touch Weekly for defamation but a trial date has not been set. One big factor in her decision was the cover of the magazine was 30 pages away from the actual article causing the average reader to think Blake was in rehab but he was not. 

Speaking of Blake, we know on his upcoming album out in May there’s a duet with his girlfriend Gwen Stefani and we now know what it’s called, ‘Go Ahead and Break My Heart.’ 

Luke Bryan has one rule fans have to abide by at his meet and greets and says, “they cannot touch my butt. When one person gets away with it more always follow.” 

Brad Paisley and his family live on 87-acres outside Nashville that includes a pond and a graveyard from the eighteen hundreds. There’s also a rare albino buck that roams the area but they’ve only ever seen it once. 

Finally - Kenny Chesney says he showers 3 times a day & he prefers body wash to a bar of soap.