Friday, March 11, 2016

Randy Houser Chased By Police + Garth Postpones Next Album


Randy Houser’s ‘Fired Up’ is out today with a whopping 17 tracks. Yesterday, a black Trans Am was chased by police in Nashville and a lot of people Tweeted about it. Turns out it was Randy and they were shooting part of his next video. 

Tomorrow at 2 PM Central time, Dierks Bentley will visit his exhibit at Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. He’ll discuss his career and perform and it’ll be streamed for free here.

Blake Shelton will host Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards Saturday night. I also hear a wing at St. Anthony hospital in Shawnee, Oklahoma was just dedicated to Blake’s dad Richard. 

Garth’s postponed the release of his next record as he needs more time to write for it. He says it’ll be the most Garth thing he’s ever done and he’ll take us behind the scenes as he makes it too. 

Finally - Tyler from Florida Georgia Line says his recent month in Africa included safaris and spending time with orphans. Tyler says, “half was vacation, half was giving back,” but his most amazing adventure was tracking mountain gorillas.