Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Kenny Chesney's In The Studio + Jake Owen Opens Up About Divorce


Kenny Chesney’s in the studio working on his 16th album. He says his goal is to find a fresh sound and the new record should be in stores this spring. 

Jake Owen says going through a divorce last year was tough. His x-wife and daughter moved to Florida so he’s learning how to live life on his own and says it’s been rough not to see his daughter every day. 

As for more children, Carrie Underwood wants to give Isaiah a sibling and says she and Mike would likely be welcoming a new baby pretty soon. It sounds like two kids is their limit tho. 

After moving to Nashville it took seven years for Blake Shelton to get his first song on the radio but he says, “it felt like 70 years.” 

Dustin Lynch won’t get tattoos cause he’s scared of the lifetime commitment and says, “I feel like I’d wake up six months later and wonder why there’s a grasshopper on my arm. Now poor Blake Shelton has to put up with ladybug tattoos for the rest of his life.” 

Finally - tomorrow Granger Smith performs on Fox & Friends.