Monday, February 8, 2016

Jake Owen Plays Pebble Beach + Luke Bryan Has A Party Trick

Jake Owen will play in The Pebble Beach Pro Am golf tournament that kicks off today in California. Also in it are Toby Keith, Joe Don Rooney and Darius Rucker

Luke Bryan says his party trick is moon-walking just like Michael Jackson. In the 3rd grade he used to moonwalk on his way to the pencil sharpener. 

Thomas Rhett’s known his wife Lauren since the first grade and they dated off and on throughout high school before they broke up for a long time. After getting his record deal at 21, Thomas found Lauren again; they started dating and 6-months later he knew she was the one. 

Chris Young says his toilet paper must come off the roll over not under. He thinks under people are just plain wrong. 

Finally - being a busy mom has simplified Carrie Underwood’s beauty routine. She says, “if there’s one thing I'm going to take time to do tho, it's probably my eyes."