Monday, September 7, 2015

Thomas Rhett's Wife Buys His Clothes + Billy Currington Raves About Kenny Chesney

Thomas Rhett and his wife went shopping recently because he hates to get dressed up to go on dates but Lauren really wants him to so she picked out date clothes for him and he says he actually liked them. 

Billy Currington says tour mate Kenny Chesney is probably the nicest entertainer out there in how he treats opening acts. He gets all his openers a really nice gift when the tour ends, like boats, cars and fancy watches. 

Sam Hunt traded a career in football for music after he had several injuries and in 08, he and a friend moved to Nashville. They took two mattresses & lived in his mom's minivan for a while. 

Finally – the last thing Thomas Rhett says he Googled was jacked up trucks cause he’s having his truck lifted.