Monday, August 17, 2015

Jake Owen Covers Tatto + Willie Nelson’s Music Heals

It looks like Jake Owen’s just covered up a tattoo of what's rumored to be his soon to be X-wife's red lips. It was on his right bicep and now in its place is a large black feather tattoo.   

Luke Bryan says having his late sister’s teenage son Til living with them is amazing. His two older sisters are also with the family a lot and Luke says, "I've never had to be an influence on girls, so I'm trying to figure that whole world out."   

When he was just starting out, Blake Shelton was the first person to take Brett Eldridge on the road to be an opener and he didn't even have a single out yet. He and Blake are now good friends and Brett can’t wait to be in the same position someday where he too can help an upcoming artist out.  

Finally - Willie Nelson’s music played a major role in the health of a baby in Texas who was born prematurely. Her parents said she’d start getting better when Willie’s music was played in her room and her vital stats would improve almost immediately.