Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Miranda Lambert Starts New Scholarship + Eric Church Heads to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

All proceeds from Miranda Lambert‘s show in Nashville last night, about $40,000 went toward her new scholarship for ladies in Belmont’s Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business. It’ll start in the 2016 school year and it will support women who want to pursue their dreams in the music biz. At last night’s concert, I hear Blake’s music played over the speakers for an hour before it started and at Miranda’s second song, she said these days she’s getting by on a lot of caffeine and sad tunes. Raelynn was on Miranda’s show but hours before it, Blake posted a photo of them in the studio together and the caption read, “so happy right now... Got to see my RaeLynn 2 days in a row!!!!!! I love her so much it's stupid.”   

Jake Owen was asked recently if he thinks it’s harder for females to break into country music and he said, “not really, but there’s also not many songs written from a girls perspective. Miranda Lambert connects so well because she sings songs that relate to both guys and girls.”  

Finally - Eric Church is featured in a new exhibit opening at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum September 18. It’ll include stage clothes, guitars, song manuscripts and more and it will go thru next February.