Friday, May 8, 2015

Tim McGraw Big-Screen Movie Rumors + a Jake Owen Mystery is Solved

Jake Owen says he cut his hair because of boredom & the hair’s still sitting in a box in his house.

Not only is Tim McGraw in the upcoming TNT drama Robbers, very credible rumors have him in the big screen film, 'Say the Sinner's Prayer,' playing a man named Luke. The movie's in pre-production right now and Brad Paisley’s wife Kimberly’s also rumored to be in it.

Speaking of Tim, For Mother’s Day on Sunday, he says breakfast in bed is a common Mother’s Day thing he does for Faith.

3-years ago the tour bus Lee Brice owned caught on fire while he was asleep inside but he got out in time. He just got a new bus; Darius Rucker’s old one and Lee says, “it has five TVs on it so Darius could watch two games at once and I’m already excited for football season.” 

On Monday, A Thousand Horses will perform on The Today Show. Lead singer Michael Hobby says, "to know our journey, the side-jobs we’ve all had and the gigs we did for free all traveling in one van makes this so incredible." 

Finally - Trisha Yearwood’s on Live with Kelly & Michael today.