Friday, May 29, 2015

Iron Master Jason Aldean + FGL Film Weekend Shows for New Video

Jake Owen brought his Jeep along on the road this summer so he can do things like go fishing. Other road must haves are the vintage movies he finds at truck stops and gummy bears.

You might be surprised to know Jason Aldean’s a master with an iron and he says growing up he wanted everything ironed and his mom got tired of always doing it so she taught him how.

Randy Houser is opening for Luke Bryan and he says Luke’s extremely generous and told Randy he can use whatever he wants of his. Randy says it feels like he’s on the road with family.

This weekend Florida Georgia Line are filming their shows for a new video.

Chris Young told me he has OCD and after he locks a door, he’ll go back and check it a few times to make sure it’s really locked.

Finally - a little known fact about Eric Church is that he has a garden and on his days off he says it’s therapeutic to pull weeds.