Monday, May 25, 2015

Carrie Underwood Has Unwanted Admirer + Brad Paisley Shares His Most Memorable Memorial Day

Authorities received a complaint Saturday that a man was acting oddly near the cottage of Carrie Underwood and her husband in Peterborough, Ontario. He was driving back and forth on the road near their home and when stopped by a resident, he said he was looking for a good fishing hole but the neighbor says he’d passed several to get to the area so police were contacted.

Brad Paisley’s most memorable Memorial Day was a few years ago when he went to Afghanistan with the President. He says, “being able to look those guys in the eye and say ‘thanks’ was the coolest thing I’ll ever do.” As for sleeping on Air Force One, Brad said the seats recline, but they're not that comfortable as ya might think so he slept on the floor & felt like he was camping.

As far as backstage catering goes, Justin Moore told me he’ll eat pretty much anything but there always has to a big jug of something he grew up on. He says, “I’m a Southern guy and it gets a little rough if I don’t have sweet tea before a show.”

Sunday was country day at the Toronto Blue Jays game. Gord Bamford threw out the first pitch but it ended up hitting a camera man on the field. I guess he should stick to his ‘Day Job,’ of course that was a big hit for Gord.

Finally - when asked if he’d ever be on Dancing with the Stars, Thomas Rhett said, “if I got asked, I’d definitely do it but I’m not much of a ballroom dancer.”